Is your lawn suffering from conditions such as thinning turf or patchy grass? Restore it to a pristine state through overseeding! Our specialists can apply a matching grass seed to the lawn, compensating for any bare patches and improving its overall density.

The end result? A thicker, healthier, more beautiful lawn, better able to resist weeds and insects. See below for a detailed summary of potential benefits that overseeding services can provide.

Overseeding Benefits

  • Damage control – bare spots and dull patches of grass are significantly reduced.
  • Weed/Weather Resistance – grass density makes your lawn naturally resistant to unwanted growth such as crabgrass, as well as inclement weather.
  • Pest/Disease Resistance – newly integrated grass seeds provide natural biological enhancement to your lawn, making it resist verminous infestation.

Contact New Horizon today for more details on overseeding, as well as a free estimate!

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