Lawn Aeration

The first step to a healthier lawn is aeration. The friendly, personable staff at New Horizon Lawn Services provides top-quality residential and commercial aeration services.

Lawn aeration is an excellent way to negate soil compaction, ensuring that air, water, and other nutrients can reach the root zone quicker, improving your lawn’s overall health.

If thinning or dull patches begin to appear on your lawn, it may be suffering from what we called thatch buildup or compaction. This occurs when soil and nutrients are unable to reach the root zone, causing the grass to appear unhealthy.

The lawn aeration services we offer are designed to solve that problem, allowing water and air to get where they need to be. We also offer a variety of related services – such as fertilization – that will help provide a lush, green grassy field.

For your lawn to be green, healthy, and luscious, we help the fertilizer, air, and water reach the root zone quickly. The result is a healthier lawn for you to enjoy!

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